Return, Rebirth, and Rejuvenation



The dark mystery of the city lies before and below, Lights of the "Ring" creep hesitatingly over the horizon. The blanket of snow, newly delivered, is both cordial and cold, A shimmering, welcoming mat to the unknown deep ahead. The crowds engulf me, passports in hand, as I move through the airport Knowing that soon, the crowds of "Mother Rodina" will subside. "Taksi, meester? Spacibo, nyet," is the now familiar echo. A clear head is the reward for the wait in the winter countryside. How comforting to once again view the skyline of the city. Its bridges, so old, yet so steady, reflecting the age of its span. I reflect on a bridge of my rebirth years ago And mull quietly and serenely, knowing, and knowing that I know. Converstion at the Revells June 27-29, 1997

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